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Fix and Flip​

Funding for fix and flip of single family homes. 100% funding is possible but not in all states. JV partners are also available

Buy and Hold

Funding for apartment buildings and multi-unit rentals.


Funding for hotels, office buildings, car washes, storage units, strip malls, etc.

Equity and Debt partners are also available.

New Construction

Funding for new, ground up construction for both single family homes and commercial. Minimum is 100k and possibly 100% funding for 10 million or more.


Funding for resorts, mining, energy, etc.

Business Line of Credit, Advance and Unsecured

A Business Line of Credit can be yours in hours. Click on this link to apply!    


Funding for your business needs such as equipment, inventory, etc. Must have annual revenues of 500k or more. Receive funds in days.

Unsecured funding can be used for ANYTHING such as down payments, new car, vacations, etc. Credit score must be 680 or higher. Minimum is 25k.

Bank Notes​

If you have a performing note on real estate that you no longer need or want that is more than 100k, let us know and TJW Capital will connect you with a buyer.

Account Receivable Advances​

If you have some A/R invoices that will be paid to you in a few weeks or months and you need that cash NOW, TJW Capital will help to get your money for you so you don't have to wait until those invoices are paid.

Contractor Loans

If you are a contractor and need some short term funding to get you thru the slow times of the year before your business ramps up again, TJW Capital will help you with funding to get thru those slow times.

Medical Loans

Whether you are still finishing residency or are a fast growing medical practice, TJW Capital can secure multiple financing options to help manage your personal and professional expenses.